The Coveted Mind State of Top Performers:
A “Mind of Success” is not common. I will just put that out there on the table right now. In fact, it is quite rare. But oh how it is unimaginably powerful. This is because the world of average kills the majority of these “could be” minds. So while it might be unnatural you must learn how to manufacture it. You simply must. You have got to start feeding the mind monster. Make this one of your success habits and you are well on your way to attaining your dreams. Remember, we don’t just wake up with a ‘Mind of Success’. You must cultivate it. The vast majority worry about how to pay next month’s bills, they think about their problems, and they focus on their life regrets and the obstacles of their day and the days ahead. This is a ‘Mind of Poverty’. These thoughts are burdensome and warring on his or her spirit. This kind of thinking is absolutely in no way, shape, or form found in the think tanks of the ‘Minds of Success.’ The ‘Mind of Poverty’ is backwards thinking. You are playing defense. And until you can force a turnover and get your offense on the field you can never win at life. A ‘Mind of Success’ is offensive thinking. You have to outscore your opponent and in this case your opponent is circumstance. You must train your mind to whip this opponent’s ass. Get your offense on the field. Drive the ball at all costs and put points on the board. This is the only way to control the game. This is the only way to get ahead and to win. The ‘Mind of Success’ places the ball in your hands. To become a ‘Mind of Success’ you must have a deeply seated fire of desire from within. And I mean burning! You have to want success so badly that it becomes the single most prevalent thought in your mind. It takes the first place trophy every day for you and it keeps reappearing again and again and again. You are a ‘Mind of Success’ when you go to sleep visualizing accomplishment, advancing your skills, your future successes to come, your new home, your new car, your new life for your family, and enriching the lives of others. You stop noticing everything else and you stop giving your attention to everything else. You focus purely on success and action. Everything else becomes a blur. Success becomes crystal clear. A person is a ‘Mind of Success’ when success becomes the dominating thoughts of his day. You think about success at the grocery, at work, at home, at the gym, when you are driving, pumping gas, brushing your teeth, on the john, and laying in bed. Never think poor. Start thinking rich. Be proactive. Think proactive. Become a ‘Mind of Success’ and you will be driven to take massive action in pursuit of your dream. A key indicator that you arrived at the attainment of a ‘Mind of Success’ is when you know you are bigger than your present realty would suggest. You literally feel claustrophobic, trapped, and unable to breath in your current circumstances. You go into survival mode and you get an adrenaline surge from within. No environment, no amount of negativity, and no amount of average thought exposure will keep the ‘Mind of Success’ down. And so, you begin to perform excellently as you have imagined in your mind. You will feel as if you are no longer pushing to get money and results but being pulled right to them. Look and you shall find. See and you shall believe. Hunt and you will eat. You must be hungry and uncomfortable. Creating a great discomfort with your current place in life is absolutely critical to ladder climbing. You must not be comfortable as is. The greater the discomfort, the greater the action you will take, the greater the speed of extraordinary result and the higher you will ascend.