Hey guys it Coach Chris.

This is your lifestyle & career so build it out exactly the way you dream it to be.

There are exactly 3 driving factors that will influence your happiness in High Ticket Home Remodeling Sales:

1: Making the Income YOU want.

2: Creating the time-freedom YOU desire

3: And balancing these two to your EXACT LIKING.

Some guys and gals who come into the industry have no kids, maybe they are not married, they are full of piss & vinegar and want to absolutely crush it in the income bracket and are willing to put in work and time to hit the massive income numbers.  Some are saleman/entrepeneur’s who intelligently take advantage of the high income they can make in this industry to fund their start-ups with cash, and still yet others want to double dip for instance if they sell real estate or insurance and in addition they sell High Ticket Home Improvement Sales.  Well this industry can absolutely grant their wish of high income potential.

While others are looking to make a good income but maximize their free time. They may be older and looking to work part time, they may be a family man or a family woman with kids that wants all their bills paid but wants to attend all their children’s special events and be there for them. So for these folks, the time-freedom this career can afford them with is where the real value is. Each of you will certainly have different goals and different agendas. NAILING YOUR GAME PLAN is the key to your happiness. All of our students have different agendas. We teach you how to NAIL YOUR GAME PLAN, how to nail the lifestyle & career you want.

So what was my GAME PLAN for 2016? Being with my kids, coaching my sales students, and lots of time-freedom was my #1 priority for me hands down.  I wanted to craft out a year where I would make the exact income I desired from this industry while drastically maximizing my time-freedom ‘I seriously needed.’

My LIFESTYLE & CAREER Goal was to sell $1 million Dollars of net business, High Ticket Sales in the homes. While spending less than 10 hours a week in the homes. 

Well, I absolutely nailed my goal.

and I want you to nail yours too. This is exactly what we teach you how to do at Sales Sniper University.