A trained sales sniper is lethal by the very definition. He is a trained, professional, in-home sales assassin. Like sun Tzu’s military tactics with the Art of War, a sales sniper is a master craftsman. His selling skills are razor sharp. Like a doctor he performs sales surgery in the homes of his prospects. His learned ability to influence others is off the charts. He engages and captivates his buyers with ease inside the homes and strikes when he is ready to finish them off. The sniper positions the minds of his buyers, disarms his buyers, plants suggestive seeds inside his buyers minds, he engineers a carefully calculated chemical chain reaction in his buyers brains to intentionally hyper influence the buying outcome.  He is not your ordinary salesman, nothing of the sort. He is a high powered, high income earning, 1 man selling machine that commands a full mastery of human psychology, brain chemical release knowledge, and has acquired true sales skill mastery.  He is a Sniper. And he was trained by Sales Sniper University.

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