So here’s the deal, Making a sale begins way before you even leave the house in the morning.  It’s either going to be a good day or a bad day and that’s 100% up to you.  We live in a world made up of nothing but thoughts, thoughts that are solely responsible for molding your reality.  Thoughts are the one thing that we have complete control over and if thoughts control reality, well then that means we control our reality.  If you think that you are in a sales slump or having a bad day, congratulations you are 100% correct.  Another example of this is pre judging.  Pre judging is a cancer that affects two out of three sellers.  You pull up to a home in a not so pleasant neighborhood, see an old beat up clunker in the driveway and then it begins.  You start telling yourself things like “I bet they can’t afford this project, I’m probably just wasting my time.”  Soon these thoughts turn into actions and negatively affect your attitude and performance.  You then leave the home and say to yourself “I knew it, I knew they weren’t going to buy anything!”  Are you Psychic or did you just experience your thoughts creating your reality?  Instead of poisoning your brain with these thoughts try telling yourself that this will be a record breaking month.  No matter what situation you get put in this month you will turn it into a sale.  Having confidence in front of your prospects is crucial!  Confident and positive thoughts regarding the sale will not only make sure you stay on point during the appointment it will also carry over to the prospect and influence the buying outcome.

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