How I handled PRAY ABOUT IT and got past that stall today with ease:

Mrs. Jones I am with you on prayer, it is a beautiful power one I personally call upon when it’s beyond my abilities. But can you agree with me, with all the chaos going on in the world today, from terrorism, to mass killings, to school shootings, to the 10’s of thousands of prayers sent up to God just this afternoon asking God to heal terminal diseases, stop hunger, and end child abortions, can you agree with me that the good Lord is busy no doubt with some pretty serious matters. And perhaps today, you and I entrust in the good Lord’s gifts to which he so kindly gave to us which is competence, intellect, and the self efficient ability to make sound decisions. And at the same time we will be making the Lord’s work load a little bit lighter for him today, we may even place a smile on his face for trusting in the mental tools he gifted to us to make this decision together and today. If he didn’t want us to act he would give us a sign not to.  In my heart I know this is right. I believe you feel this is the right choice, and the right thing to do. I believe the Lord wouldn’t let you make the wrong choice today. And that’s why you and are here together right now. So all I need is a license and ten minutes ok, and well let the big man rest this afternoon.