A good friend of mine, who happens to be a manager at a reputable construction company called me up and asked if I can help get one of his new sales reps who hit the ground running but has since simmered down to a crawl.  He was struggling to say the least. I told this rep to meet me on one of my appointments and watch, learn, listen, and take notes. I sold a premium $19,000 jetted tub but before I closed the deal I was hit with an arsenal of objections, stalls, and to be fair, some legitimate hesitancy’s that needed to be addressed. I am not going to go into the details of this particular sale because the value of this blog is not derived from the details within this sale, but in the overall big picture takeaway. When we left the house, this now student of mine, said he was blown away. He said after watching me do my thing, and watching the initial customer resistance, seemingly impossible objections to overcome, somehow someway we found a way to make the deal. And a highly profitable deal might I add. This however was a careful, professionally orchestrated result that as a Master Sales Sniper, I had total control of the situation from the start to the very end. He told me I opened his eyes to a world of opportunity because he didn’t think there was the possibility of a sale here and yet I made it come to fruition. He said my ability to stand in there, and hang deep into the close was something he never quite saw before.  He said most of his sales would come within 10 minutes of him dropping price on the table otherwise he was packing up and leaving the house empty handed, getting sold by the customer on why they aren’t going to buy today. Well we were in the house, in the close, for 65 minutes, handling objections, rebuilding value, using take away techniques, justified price drops, tie downs, what if questions, pressure diversion tactics, you name it I deployed it. But the result was a $2,400.00 commission. So here is the takeaway. If your in a slump, or your not smashing sales records, perhaps you are giving up to early in the close. Perhaps your not taking your sales deep into the close.