So you want to make a six figure income and enjoy a great financial future?  Did you know the average 4 year college graduate with a bachelors degree starts out earning just $45,478.00 and that’s after 4 years of hard work and study. And after 4 years of college most students in this country are not even halfway to the $100,000.00+ coveted income bracket for ‘comfortable living’. Worse, the average debt weighed down onto each student is $28,950.00. Times that debt by the interest and time it takes to pay it off and most college graduates are staring down the barrel of $60,000-$100,000 in total accrued debt, 4 years of lost time, a job market that says their new college bachelor skills are worth $45k a year in salary cap, and worse a job that’s not even guaranteed anymore because everybody and their grandmother now has a bachelors degree.

We always get great pleasure with the success story’s from our sales students who went from earning $30K and 40K a year out of college to radically and drastically increasing their income earnings to $80,000, $100,000, $120,000, $150,000 because they decided to lean and master the #1 demanded skillset in the economy, the ability to sell and produce. Why spend 4 years to get a $45k salary and get pounded with thousands upon thousands in student loan debt, when you can start making that dream income you want in as little as a few weeks and for a mere fraction of what the college university’s charge you.  So the next time you consider a higher education, consider a Sales University over a College University.