Research. Education. Choices. These are the hallmarks of the modern day Buyer. The internet age is fully upon us, and the majority of buyers today arm themselves with ample research before they ever agree to meet with you. And this my friend, is to your great advantage. Buyers engage in a one-on-one setting with a sales rep nowadays only if the buyer reaches a point where he or she feels they have adequate knowledge to make an informed decision, to be able to make a yes or no decision when asked to do so.   So why is this great news for a high level Closer like you?


First, Since Buyers usually do some kind of preliminary research ahead of time before having a sales rep come to their home, they actually have an inflated confidence in themselves to be able to make a ‘smart buying decision’ when they see it or when it is revealed to them.

(Close on this belief)



Secondly, that inflated education-induced-confidence is what gives them the confidence to agree to finally have a sales rep meet with them for a one-on-one consultation.   Understand at this point, this person is now fully prepared to pull the trigger and will buy right on the spot if they are convinced by you that your product, service, or solution meets or exceeds their research/expectations/understanding and needs and wants.

(Trigger Itchy Buyers)



 Thirdly, commend them on their “research and knowledge” and then take them to a much deeper/higher knowledge and understanding during your presentation.  You can and should flatter the buyer (appease the buyer ego) and commend the buyer on being an “educated and well researched buyer” and yet they will acknowledge to you, because of your expertise, that they had no idea there was so much they actually didn’t know. Consequently, as such an astute buyer, they almost certainly can, should, and will comprehend (and you expect them to comprehend this) why your product and service is the perfect solution for them (if you do your job right).  Since they are ‘educated and smart’, they’ll be able to logically conclude doing business with you makes them an incredibly “Smart Buyer.”

(Confirmed Belief = Confirmed Buyer!)