Try this. On your next appointment forgot about the fact that you pulled up to a less than impressive home in an even lesser impressive neighborhood. Forget the inconvenient late night scheduling. Forget about the less than stellar greeting you were met with when the homeowner opened the door. Forget about the homeowner telling you they just want a price estimate and will be shopping multiple other contractors before they decide to make their buying decision. Forget that their giving you ‘divided’ attention. FORGET ALL OF IT!!!! Let it go in one ear and out the other. 95% of salesman give up on the sale at this point, after the first 10 minutes, before the homeowners buying experience ever kicks off. They figure if this homeowner is not going to GIVE me the attention, interest, and consideration I need to make an easy sale, then this wasn’t a buyer to begin with. The seller creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and rationalizes when leaving the house empty handed that this couple was never buying anyway. HE IS WRONG!!!!! DEAD WRONG!!!! The next appointment you run we want you to forget about all of this noise, and no matter what, give this homeowner a world class buying experience. Be completely selfless in your giving. Expect NOTHING. But EARN EVERYTHING! If you can sustain a world class buying experience from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart, no matter what the initial obstacles, you will be absolutely blown away by how many people you sell; People you assumed upon first encounter would not be buying, end up buying. Your new stick-to-itiveness to delivering a world class buying experience to everyone you encounter pays off big time. This ability, this discipline, will put a lot of extra money in your pockets and savings accounts. So go out there today, imagine 30,000 salesmen are watching you from their phones and desktops perform your craft (after all you are a master craftsman) and deliver that world class buying experience you know you are capable of delivering. The secret is performing at this maximum level each and every time. This practice alone can easily turn an average performing salesman into a top producer overnight.